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We offer 3 different types of classes, and are one of the few studios to offer Aerial Yoga in Cape Town

Moving Slow

This is a class where we still move and learn but we go through postures safely and gently. Perfect for beginners or those of you who enjoy learning the alignment of the body in yoga.
If you feel like cultivating a calm and patient practice then this is the class for you.

Let's Move

This will be a Vinyasa class where we flow from one pose to the other. Where we play and experiment and feel free as we move. 
If you love to move at a faster pace and get your sweat on then this is the class for you.

Aerial Yoga

We as humans are always on our feet every day of our lives, it’s time to give them a break and hang upside down.
When we are inverted we allow our blood to flow to our brain which in turn flushes the brain with new, fresh oxygen. This is just one of the incredible benefits of Aerial Yoga.
Here are some of the other benefits :
    1. Relieves back pain and lengthens the muscles along our spines.
    2. Relieves joint pressure and spinal compression.
    3. Aids in digestion.
    4. Improves your balance and core strength.
    5. Assists you in inversions you may not normally be able to get into.
I have 70-year-old clients who tell me that they have stopped going to physio now that they practice Aerial Yoga.
This is a practice for young or old to just let go and have some fun.
Beware … you will become addicted 🙂